Hi and welcome all performers to our backstage production resource page for our 2017 events! Below you will find answers to some of your questions and also set lists and order of performances (PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICLY SHARE THIS PAGE, thank you). Samples of the song versions for backing band musicians will be posted on the show details page (links below).


Payout in each location of your agreed upon compensation will be handled by the show manager.

You may also donate your pay or a portion of it to the local music education program allocated for that event.

In some locations, larger name (headlining) entertainers may be added to the bill in which case their pay has been determined separately and is considered a show expense.


In some locations our marketing and publicity is purely grassroots social media + posters and flyers sent to the venue + press releases to all the appropriate media outlets.

If you haven't done so yet, please send over a jpeg head shot or one of you performing for the website, minimum 227px x 170 px, at least 72dpi.

Please share our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bobdylantributefestival/

Be sure to invite your friends to the official facebook event page too for your performance location(s).

Talk about the event whenever possible at your upcoming shows, on your social media pages, and in press interviews.


Please bring along your music CDs and personal merchandise to sell.

Be aware that some venues may take a merchandise fee.


Each performer gets one guest list spot on the will call list.

Please send your guest list name to us as soon as you can confirm it.


Check here closer to the show date for which locations backline equipment will be provided by whom and what exactly will be available.


Depending on the arrangement with each venue, backstage hospitality, food and drinks will vary.

Since there are so many artists on each show, we encourage performers to "pot luck" or donate backstage hospitality items when allowed.

Please stick to non-alcoholic donations as some venues may not permit outside alcohol backstage or check with us in advance.


Check the show details for specifics on your time slot.

At the event, check the printed schedules near the stage entrance for any last minute changes.

Communicate all of your production needs in advance and have any pedals/looping stations, etc. already pre-staged on the stage before show time (for a fast and easy turnover).

Be standing by and ready during the song that is slotted before you.

The goal is to walk on the stage when introduced and plug in any instruments immediately and be ready to play right away.

No music stands please! Mounted ipads/tablets are fine as long as they are already attached to a mic stand pre-show. 

All performers are encouraged to vocally join in on the show finale "I Shall Be Released".


Please let us know what size and quantity of displays you are bringing.

You are responsible for the setting up of and displaying of your artwork.


Click on the show you are performing at for specific production details and set lists for that event.